Download vShare and Install On iOS 11 Without Jailbreak

Download vShare and Install On iOS 11 Without Jailbreak

Download vShare and Install on iOS 11: vShare is a popular application which allows Apple and Android users to download games and applications on your device. vShare can be downloaded without an Apple ID. It is a completely free application, which causes no crashes in applications, neither does it lags your device.

Download vShare and Install On iOS 11 Without Jailbreak

Where Android users can download it easily on Google Play Store, Apple users think that they might need jailbreaking their device to enjoy the benefits it provides. But the myth has been debunked, and it has been proven that no jailbreak is needed to download vShare. The developers of this amazing application made sure that even iOS users were able to enjoy it without harming their device in any manner. vShare allows its users to download non-iTunes, and even paid iTunes applications for free!

Before you decide to download vShare on your iOS device, know if it is compatible or not. As per the latest list released by vShare, it is compatible with iOS 8.3 and above. If you have iOS below 8.3, sadly it might not be compatible with your device.

Some amazing features of vShare iOS 11 are:

  • You can directly download cracked applications, without needing any alternative links or finding the application all over again from your search engine.
  • You can install paid applications for free.
  • You can share the downloaded application over WiFi.
  • vShare has an extremely user-friendly and responsive UI.
  • You can simply install applications by searching them on the search bar.

Some tips to remember:

It is better to install the app over Wi-Fi or if you want to share it, do it over Wi-Fi. We don’t promote piracy at all. We urge our readers to try out the various paid apps for free first, and if they really like an app or game, support the developers by buying the app from the official App Store.

You can follow some simple steps to Download vShare and Install on iOS 11 without jailbreak:

Download vShare and Install On iOS 11 Without Jailbreak

Download vShare for iOS 11

1) Open the Safari browser on your iOS device. Go to the search engine, and type vShare and hit Enter.

2) Click on the first link that appears, or a link with URL –

3) Once you are on the website, you will be asked whether your device is jailbroken or not. Click on ‘Unjailbroken’ and hit Enter.

vShare iOS 10 (unjailbroken)

4) Another screen will pop up, which will ask your permission to install the application or cancel the process. Click on ‘Install’.

5) Once you have proceeded, you will receive a message that vShare is an untrusted application, when you click on the application from the home screen. You will further get two options – ‘Trust’ and ‘Don’t Trust’. Click on ‘Trust’.

6) Congratulations! Your vShare application has been downloaded and successfully installed on your iOS device.

You can also download vShare by using your PC:

1) Go to ‘’ and download the ‘vShare Helper’. Once downloaded, double-click the installer, and click on ‘One Key Installation’.

Download vShare for PC, Windows

2) After the installation finishes, click on ‘Try it Now’ to open vShare Helper. It will be added to your PC Desktop as a shortcut.

Download vShare for PC (Try it now)

3) Connect your iOS device by using a USB cable. vShare helper will automatically detect your connected device and start authorizing it.

Install vShare Helper for PC

4) After authorization process is a success, click on ‘Install vShare’ button.

5) After a few minutes, vShare will be installed on your iOS device.

There can be some trust issues while you try to download the application, don’t worry, because you can click on ‘Trust’ every time, and proceed with the process, without any hassle. If you still have issues downloading the application, you can change the general settings of your phone and make it ‘trust’ incoming downloads. All in all, vShare is an extremely useful application to have!